Lupin Gardens is an established horticultural company creating beautiful gardens in Birmingham and selected surrounding areas. Our expert team provide all aspects of the garden design, installation, creative planting and aftercare.

Plants and soft landscaping are at the heart of everything we do. Whatever you envisage for your garden – a complete redesign, including hard landscaping and planting, or just regular, skilful care – Lupin has a dedicated group of professionals to advise and assist.


Established in 2001, Lupin has been redesigning, renovating, renewing and maintaining gardens in Birmingham for almost twenty years. Steadily expanding its core team to provide knowledgable, professional expertise of the highest quality, we pride ourselves on taking a realistic and sustainable approach to gardening. Lupin utilises the skills of horticulturalists, designers, landscapers and gardeners to provide solutions to any garden dilemma – large or small.


Our Garden Services

Garden Design & Construction

Lupin can provide a full garden design and installation service. We collaborate with a team of outstanding designers and landscapers to produce detailed design concepts, exquisite planting plans and expert hard landscaping.

Planting Plans & Soft Landscaping

Our horticulturally qualified team have years of expertise in the planning, sourcing, installation and care of plants. We provide beautiful, hand-drawn planting plans, appropriately placing structural and decorative elements.

Maintenance & Expert Aftercare

Our qualified team of gardeners can provide flexible maintenance and aftercare services. Enjoy your garden year round, safe in the knowledge it will be immaculately and knowledgeably tended throughout the seasons.

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