Lupin has a particular interest in horticulture and soft landscaping – the planning, combining, sourcing, installation and care of excellent and appropriate plants.

We have spent many years building relationships with nurseries in the UK and Europe, and plants are knowledgably sourced from experts in each area – from award winning rose growers and specialists in shade planting, to Italian topiarists.


We provide beautiful, hand-drawn planting plans so that plants are correctly and appropriately placed at mature size. Lupin specialises in plant combination, and has expertise and understanding of the distribution of structural and decorative elements, as well as seasonal longevity and pleasure.


We can provide planting schemes for every style, including contemporary, cottage, Japanese, architectural, wildlife, woodland, herbaceous, prairie, as well as front gardens, and child-friendly, family gardens.


We expertly plan, source, deliver and plant, and can continue to maintain following completion. Not all gardens require complete renovation – we can supply supplementary planting for areas that have become tired or need a re-think, and advice on the regeneration of existing plants if suitable.

Case Study - New Borders for an Edgbaston Garden

These customers wanted to breathe new life into their borders, especially those visible from their house. They had an overgrown and ailing privet hedge, as well as a selection of plants that had become leggy and crowded – they asked Lupin for a rethink, requesting structure, rhythm, specimen plants and seasonal colour.


After consultation, the work was scheduled in two phases – a winter plant up for the main structural elements, and a spring one for the herbaceous perennials.


The customer (with the help of a tree surgeon) undertook the removal of all existing planting bar the topiary, building the beautiful slatted cedar trellis himself. Lupin then properly prepared the ground, adding soil conditioner to improve structure and nutrition.


Lupin decided to keep the existing box topiary, repositioning portions to follow the serpentine shape of the path. We added appropriately sized specimens, matching the box domes in pairs on either side. Ensuring an even distribution of evergreen structure throughout, we used topiary of various forms and types and added herbaceous perennials — such as heuchera, which keep their leaves throughout the year.


Planting included Japanese Wind Anemones, hostas, heuchera, geraniums, roses and hydrangeas with a palette of soft, cool colours. The resulting space combines a clear integral rhythm with a seasonal flow of colour and interest.

‘Lupin came up with a great scheme that incorporated exactly what we wanted. They painstakingly dug through and improved the ground with soil conditioner and even in the first year the new planting started to take shape and look quite established. We found them great to work with and are also using them for some maintenance to make sure we keep the new planting looking its best. It has transformed our garden and provides a beautiful outlook from the rear of the house.’
Tracy & Marcus, Edgbaston

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Frequently Asked Questions

What geographical areas do you cover?

For project work – design, landscaping and planting – we travel to most areas in and around Birmingham, especially those on the south side. Lupin is happy to consider work in the outlying areas too, on a case by case basis.

What are the costs for planting services?

For our expert planting services, we currently charge £200 +VAT per day, per gardener.

What are the Costs for Planting Schemes?

Plantings schemes are costed based on the length of time they take to prepare. On average, a plan usually costs between £500 and £950 +VAT, and includes a site visit and discussion, a survey, a hand-drawn planting plan, a plant list with descriptions and images, and a quotation which covers plants, planting and delivery.

Can you remodel, or add plants to, existing borders?

Yes. Lupin accommodates smaller planting jobs as well as full-scale project work. On our initial site visit, we’ll assess your garden to provide expert advice on bespoke planting options for an existing space.

Do you offer planting services to commercial businesses?

No. We only work for private, domestic and residential customers.

What do you do with green waste?

We are not able to take your green waste away with us, and generally rely on our customers to organise Council Collection (green waste bins). We encourage home composting, and are happy to advise on getting started if needs be.

How can I schedule an appointment or get a quote?

For all new customer enquiries, we will need to see your garden and meet with you to discuss your requirements. You can call us to make an appointment, or send on online enquiry via our contact page.

Do you charge for completing a home visit?

All our initial consultations are free. Following that, we charge £28 + VAT per hour.