At Lupin, our professional team of dedicated gardeners are here to help you get the most out of your garden – providing garden design, landscaping, planting and maintenance services in South Birmingham and selected surrounding areas.

Lupin has been designing, renovating, renewing and maintaining gardens since 2001. We combine the expertise of professional horticulturalists with the skills of designers, landscapers and gardeners, to provide solutions to any garden dilemma – large or small.


Lupin is run by qualified gardener and plantswoman Julia Watkins, alongside an experienced and friendly maintenance team of (mostly) women gardeners. We provide an immaculate, seasonally appropriate and flexible service that meets all our customers needs and exceeds their expectations.

Our Garden Services

Garden Design & Construction

Lupin can provide a full garden design and installation service. We collaborate with a team of outstanding designers and landscapers to produce detailed design concepts, exquisite planting plans and expert hard landscaping.

Planting Plans & Soft Landscaping

Our horticulturally qualified team have years of expertise in the planning, sourcing, installation and care of plants. We provide beautiful, hand-drawn planting plans, appropriately placing structural and decorative elements.

Maintenance & Expert Aftercare

Our qualified team of gardeners can provide flexible maintenance and aftercare services. Enjoy your garden year round, safe in the knowledge it will be immaculately and knowledgeably tended throughout the seasons.

Our Environmental Policy


We are committed to ensuring that our environmental footprint is minimised in all activities. We work to create garden spaces that actively encourage environmental sustainability and promote a healthy environment for wildlife and insect populations.


We do not use pesticides or herbicides, and we do not use electrical or petrol-driven machinery during garden work. We routinely plant over 10,000 plants per annum, and encourage soil structure improvement and home composting in all our gardens.


We are currently working with our plant delivery suppliers to minimise packaging waste, and have requested non-plastic packaging from those nurseries who are receptive and helpful. Lupin strives for minimal environmental impact, and we’re always working to find new ways of treading as softly as possible.


Our biggest issue is plant pot recyclability as they are not currently recycled by local councils – however, where possible, we give these to local groups and collection sites, allotment groups, and our gardeners often make use of them for their own gardens.

Our Experienced Team

Lupin is run by Julia Watkins (RHS Gen. Cert. Hort.), alongside a dedicated and reliable team of gardeners – all fully trained and immaculate in their work. Each is hand-picked for their friendly and conscientious attitude, as well as a thorough understanding of horticultural requirements: season by season and plant by plant. Between them, we have generalists and specialists – all capable of regular, skilled maintenance, and some with an interest in specific areas. These specialities span tender plants, fruit pruning, vine work, roses, planting, propagating and wild areas.

We are always looking for skilled self-employed gardeners to join our team at Lupin. If you have the experience and/or qualifications, we’d love to hear from you.

We are always looking for skilled self employed gardeners to join our team at Lupin. If you have the experience and / or qualifications we’d love to hear from you.