We love these elegant plant supports, and recommend them for our customers often – particularly those whose gardens have abundant herbaceous perennials, such as peonies and asters.


These grow-through structures are named after gardening stars – such as Gertrude, which recalls a wide crinoline of the sort worn by Gertrude Jekyll, and Christopher (in honour of the rotund Christopher Lloyd of Great Dixtor).


Plant Belles are made of rusted or galvanised wire, and are robust and beautiful. Placed over a plant in spring, they gradually disappear behind foliage and flowers, and are fully revealed again once stems have died back in the winter months. Trellis squares, tunnel supports, edging hoops and hurdles, plant crooks and labels are also available. Plant Belles are made by Devon-based duo, Alex MacKenzie and Jenny Maddock, and their online shop can be visited here.


For anyone interested in bulk purchase, please contact us at mail@lupingardens.co.uk for an exclusive discount.