We love these Metalbird steel silhouettes, which bring a sweet, artistic sense of the wilderness to any garden setting. Hammered into trees, fences or posts, the birds will form a layer of rust, their natural patina blending into the landscape.


The idea is the brainchild of London-born, New Zealand-raised industrial designer Phil Walters. Inspired by Banksy’s creativity, humour and guerrilla approach to art, Phil was keen to develop his own ‘street-based’ art project. He came up with the idea of covertly hammering birds into trees. Why birds? Because birds are symbolic, iconic, and raise your spirits. Phil loved the idea of playing tricks with the casual observer, raising questions about what birds are and what they mean to us, installed in an urban setting.

From 2010-2013, Phil built up the business in New Zealand. In September 2018 Metalbird successfully launched in the UK with Phil’s brother and niece joining the team. Choose the Metalbird to fit your environment, or give one as a gift: robin, kingfisher, barn owl, blackbird, blue tit, puffin, red kite, wren, or New Zealand’s humble fantail!


The birds are available at www.metalbird.co.uk, use the discount code “LUPINFREESHIP” to get free shipping or use the code “5GETSU10OFF” to get 10% off when you buy 5 birds or more.


For anyone interested in wholesale purchase, please contact madison@metalbird.co.uk