Henrietta Courtauld and Bridget Elworthy established their business – designing and planting gardens, as well as growing cut flowers – to research plant and soil health. Known as the Land Gardeners, the duo work with people to improve the health of their earth — and whether they’re creating beautiful gardens or farms brimming with biodiversity and life, it all begins with healthy soil.


To this end, Henrietta and Bridget have developed Climate Compost – an inoculum compost, abundant in naturally occurring soil microbes. Using just a small amount can add microlife to soils, increase nutrient density for produce, and help to sequester carbon more effectively. Worked directly into the soil or used as a liquid feed, used for inoculating seeds or adding a pinch when planting out seedlings, Climate Compost is exemplary of the adage that the best things come in (microscopically) small packages.

The Land Gardeners made a beautiful, passionate film for the Venice Biennale, which can be seen below.

The Land Gardeners say We have seen how, unlike other composts, [Climate Compost] is alive – full of microbial life – and we have seen how this has enlivened the microlife in our soils. Our dahlias grow taller and stronger, our sweet peas have longer stems and healthier blooms, and the garden where we have used it consistently over 6 years has shown a dramatic rise in the soils organic matter content. We have seen the balance it brings about in the garden – no need for pesticides or chemical fertilisers – and our soil has become spongey and water retentive, our food more delicious and nutrient-dense, and there is a balance of wildlife; a harmony. We can feel the life emanating up from the soil. It has become a place of beauty in a real sense – full of life force.


Climate Compost inoculum is abundant with naturally occurring soil microbes, which is why you don’t need to use it in large quantities  a little really does go a long way!’


As well as making Climate Compost, the Land Gardeners also offer courses, workshops and garden tours. Visit the Land Gardeners to shop and learn more.