If only there was someone who’d visit to assess your indoor plants, to consult about their health, placement and individual watering needs. To pot on or pot up, divide or propagate, to explain how best to feed and clean – or even advise on increasing your burgeoning collection…


There is, and it’s us!

We’ve all learned something over the last year or so, and one of the few positives has been an increased connection with nature. Whether it was on our daily walk, taking time out in our gardens and allotments or, increasingly, with houseplants in our homes, we’ve used this time to nurture and to notice, to pause and to tend.


Houseplants have been one of lockdown’s few winners, as people of all generations sought to bring nature indoors.  Research has shown that houseplants improve mood (in fact, caring for plants triggers a neurological reward system, releasing chemicals that increase relaxation and ease anxiety). Additionally, studies indicate that houseplants boost concentration and generosity in office settings, and speed recovery time in hospital settings too.


It’s no wonder then that in troubled times we’ve sought the balm of indoor plants, embraced them for their therapeutic properties and filled our homes with them. But now we’ve got them – and some of us have, ahem, dozens – do we know how to care for them?

Contact our Houseplant Specialist

One of our lead gardeners, Adrienne Wade, trained at the Birmingham Botanic Gardens and Glasshouses. Her speciality is tropical and sub-tropical plants and her own garden holds a wealth of exotics, as well as a cactus house, bromeliad house and fernery.


Adrienne’s expertise is available each Monday @ £ 35 + VAT per hour.


Materials, such as compost, pots or feed, will be charged additionally and discussed during your visit.


To book a visit from Adrienne, please fill in your contact details and tell us a bit about your indoor plants; make sure to note any issues/symptoms they may be showing. If you’re not sure what they’re called, don’t worry – we should be able to identify them during the visit. No job too small or too large!


N.B: Available in the South Birmingham area only.

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